Beyond Trade Shows

While it is always good to have a presence at trade shows, it is more important than ever to have an online presence. Handing out business cards at shows has long been a practice of sales representatives. The cards give the name of the representative, their company, phone and address information. Brochures are another hand-out that has long been used at shows. Now, a company website has been added in order to encourage people to buy online. This helps garner business after the show has closed.

There are other ways to attract customers online. A good SEO consultant helps businesses define the best way to draw in new customers to their site. They will look at the existing product or service lines and use those as a basis to find new customers. Drawing in people through the internet is not always easy, and it is an investment in future business to use a consultant.

A professional website should assist customers and make it easy to complete purchases and get information. Businesses that need help with this phase must look for a web design agency with experience in this facet of online marketing. An experienced agency knows business customers have little time or energy for an inefficient website. They want to be able to check for existing products and see new products easily. Knowing how to produce this type of website and draw potential customers is a specialty.

There are a great many ways to find customers for any business. Trade shows are just one of the more public ways this is done. They can be expensive and yield fewer potential leads than other methods. Attracting leads through an online presence is one of the more cost effective ways to do business. It will garner people from all over the world, not just a local market. It will also attract potential customers that might not traditionally know they need a company’s services or products. A glass artist might never consider contacting a large glass manufacturer. Manufacturers in this line generally add their leftover glass to new mixes. Coloured glass may not always fit, and a new customer market may be discovered in this manner.